Google Provides Entrepreneurs with Free Intuit Websites

Google celebrated entrepreneurial spirit on Monday with the launch of Google for Entrepreneurs, a website featuring a number of programs and resources for motivated individuals in the field of business.

“Startups and entrepreneurs have the power to build technologies and creative solutions that transform the world and move us forward,” commented Google Head of Global Entrepreneurship Outchreach Mary Grove in a company blog post.

Grove also cited statistics showing the presence of 400 million entrepreneurs worldwide, representing 54 different countries.

The initiative, available at, provides the business community with focuses on partnerships, Google programs, and a feature that provides start-ups with tools from the online search giant.

However, what may be more notable to the web hosting community, in particular is a resource allowing entrepreneurs to set up websites featuring a year’s worth of free hosting. The opportunity is made available thanks to a partnership with small business provider Intuit, a company renowned for its QuickBooks accounting software along with its website creator.

Other free features include customization tools and training. Intuit Websites previously made hosting-relevant news when it was acquired by web-centric company Endurance International in August.

The top online search presence previously provided the country of India with free business websites, an initiative announced in November of last year. That service was made possible through a partnership with web host HostGator.

Google kicked off its Google for Entrepreneurs Week Sunday by announcing business partnerships with a number of companies in 26 cities worldwide.

Source: TheHN

How to find new business ideas in everyday life

None of those ideas will come to you by thinking really hard in a vacuum. You have to get out in the world and practice behaviors that lead you to new ideas. “Innovation is not about how smart you are; it’s about the hunt for ideas,” Boynton says. “Behavior trumps IQ.”

The idea for Disneyland’s Magic Kingdom was born on a family vacation. Walt Disney was visiting Tivoli Gardens, one of Europe’s oldest amusement parks, when he realized he could create a bigger, better version in California. His method is not unusual: Great entrepreneurs find new business ideas by paying attention to opportunities in everyday life.

“The world around you is filled with ideas that can be useful,” says Andy Boynton, co-author of The Idea Hunter (Jossey-Bass, 2011).

By learning to think and act in ways that bring new opportunities to light, you can find a constant stream of business ideas in everyday life. Here are three tips to help you find inspiration in the world around you.

1. Keep a list of opportunities
“At any given time, there’s a job that has to get done,” Boynton says, meaning the world is full of problems that need to be solved. As you go about daily life, keep a running list of jobs that others have abandoned, ignored, or failed to address effectively. Each is a potential opportunity.

“Start with your own experience,” Boynton says. Ask yourself, what bugs me? What could be easier? More fun? More convenient? Your own frustrations will guide you to real problems that can drive a new business idea.

2. Hunt for ideas in diverse places
New ideas require creativity, which thrives on novelty and diversity. You might find a great idea while you’re on vacation or unexpected inspiration in an experimental art exhibit. “If you open your eyes, the answer is there,” Boynton says. “But your world has to be broad enough and diverse enough to feed you the ideas you need.”

Your search needs to be intentional. “When effective idea hunters talk to people, they’re not just going through a social dance,” Boynton says. They’re looking to learn what others know or do — mining the world around them for useful ideas.

3. Notice how others solve business problems
In any situation, you are surrounded by problems that someone has tried to solve. Each is an opportunity to learn. Start noticing how convenience stores organize inventory, how packaging catches your eye, or how Amazon encourages impulse buys.

You might find a better way to solve the same problem or inspiration for solving a different problem. “You really can borrow and reuse ideas, and reapply them,” Boynton says. “If you develop a mental habit of [noticing others' solutions], it opens your eyes to what’s out there.”


Source: Yahoo

None of those ideas will come to you by thinking really hard in a vacuum. You have to get out in the world and practice behaviors that lead you to new ideas. “Innovation is not about how smart you are; it’s about the hunt for ideas,” Boynton says. “Behavior trumps IQ.”

Android phone lost? Google will help you locate it

Google on Friday announced that it would offer a service to locate or securely wipe a lost Android phone by the end of this month. The service will be available to all Android phones running Android 2.2 or newer versions of the OS.

The service will be called Android Device Manager and will be available for free. Apple and Microsoft offer similar services for iPhones and Windows Phones, respectively. Several security apps also offer similar feature for Android phones though the implementation is not as robust as it is on iPhone.

In a post on the official Google blog, Benjamin Poiesz, an Android project manager, wrote: “Android Device Manager can help (you) … keep your device—and the data you store inside—safe and secure.”

Android Device Manager will allow users to make their misplaced phone ring at its loudest volume even if it is in silent mode. Users will be able to do this through Android Device Manager website though Google said that it would also offer an Android app for the service at a later date.

This feature will come handy if you had misplaced your phone under a sofa or bed.

In case you have lost your phone outside your house you will be able to see the device on a map if it is switched on and follow it in real-time. It may help you recover the phone. But in case it can’t be recovered, Android Device Manager will allow users to wipe it securely so that the private data doesn’t fall in wrong hands.

“While losing your phone can be stressful, Android Device Manager can help you keep your data from ending up in the wrong hands. If your phone can’t be recovered, or has been stolen, you can quickly and securely erase all of the data on your device,” wrote Poiesz.

Souce: The Times of India

Indo-American student invented supercapacitor that enables charging in 20 seconds!

Indo-American student invented supercapacitor that enables charging in 20 seconds!.

Indian girl develops touch-free phone technology

The next ‘in’ feature for your smart phone might very well be gesture-recognition and it is a young Goan who is behind the innovation. The creation is set to make touchscreen technology passe and would allow users to interact with their devices through thin air.

Native of South Goa’s Velim, Andrea Colaco, has not only earned a graduate and master’s degree, and later earned one of the most-sought after doctorate seats at the prestigious Massachusetts Institute Technology (MIT), but has earlier this month won the MIT $100K entrepreneurship competition for her innovation which provides real-time, millimetre accurate 3D gesture sensing on devices like mobile phones.

“What is the next interface for cellphone devices? It is gesture recognition. Every cellphone-device manufacturer is scrambling to bring gesture-recognition into their devices. This is an immediate and unaddressed market,” Andrea said.

The innovation was presented at the competition as ’3dim’ solution, set up by Andrea with co-founder Ahmed Kirmani. It achieves high-quality 3D sensing by employing patented signal processing methods invented at MIT by the co-founders.

“Now with the prize money, 3dim will go full steam. We will develop the technology for customers-smart-device manufacturers-who have already expressed interest in the product,” she said.

The Goan’s business idea made the most financial sense for the panel of entrepreneurs, venture capitalists, scientists and industry professionals judging the eight finalists of the over 3,000 participants.

Andrea’s success though had seemed certain from the early years. The student of Margao’s Fatima Convent High School had ranked second at the Goa board Class X exams in 2001 and two years later topped the Class XII exams with an impressive 96.17%. Her record of cent percent score in physics, chemistry and biology remains unmatched till date.

“The need for power-hungry, specialized hardware has kept such technology from mobile devices-problem that has now been rectified,” Colaco, a PhD student at the MIT Media Lab, said during the winning pitch at the competition to a packed auditorium.

She said her prototype only demands a few milliwatts of additional power from the phone-about one-seventh of the amount used by a standard smartphone camera.

“I am thrilled for Andrea and her recent win in the MIT $100k entrepreneurship competition. I had been talking with her over the past few weeks and knew about the preparation involved. While she said her competitors were strong too, I was confident the final would be hers. She has always been an ambitious person with attention to detail,” her mother Antonette, a homemaker, said. Andrea’s parents are presently based in Doha, Qata, where her father, Aldavid Silverio, is an assistant finance manager with a French company.

Andrea’s older sibling Gresner is an IT engineer and is based in Cincinnati USA.

The youngster’s passion also lies in promoting hands-on design and prototyping skills in undergraduate programmes in India and she has organized and taught at two such workshops in India, at Pune and New Delhi.

Andrea is a recipient of the Goa scholars award 2010 and has a masters degree in media technology from MIT in 2010, after completing her undergraduate degree programme in electrical and electronics engineering from BITS, Pilani in 2007.

Source: Times of India

Delhi to Get Tout-Free, Seamless Property Registration System

In a major revamp of existing property registration system, Delhi Government will put in place a transparent mechanism by end of the year under which people will be able to access hassle-free services in all 13 sub-registrar offices without any jurisdictional issue.

The aim of the ambitious project — first of its kind in the country — is to offer people a tout-free and seamless property registration experience through a highly secured online platform, which will replace the six-decade-old current system.

Under the new mechanism, people from any area of the city will be able to get their properties registered in any one of the 13 sub-registrar offices and they will even be able to check genuineness of the properties as well as ownership details and past transactions.

Admitting that there was corruption in the existing system, Urban Development and Revenue Minister Arvinder Singh Lovely said the government is determined to rid it of lacunae and the new mechanism will offer “great relief” to people who often faced lot of hardships in getting their properties registered.

As per existing system, people can get their properties registered based on jurisdiction of the sub-registrar office.

“It will be a major systemic change. We are working hard to out in place a transparent system under which people will be offered a hassle-free experience. The touts will not have any place in the new system,” Lovely told PTI.

He said all the 13 sub-registrar offices will be linked through an online portal through which people will also be able to check ownership details and past transaction of properties.

The online portal will have an online fee calculator besides having details about stamp duties and other required documents for property registration. Under the new system, a limited number of people only will be given appointment for meeting revenue department officials and entry of unauthorised persons will be strictly restricted.

Explaining the new system, the Minister said people will be able to apply for registration of their properties by filling a form online following which they will be given appointment number, date and time for coming to the sub-registrar office of their choice.

“I admit there is corruption in the existing system. That is why we are making very significant systemic changes to put in place a transparent and people-friendly mechanism where there will be no room for touts,” Lovely, who is credited with bringing IT-application in transfer, postings, evaluation of performance for teachers when he was Education Minister, said.

“I am determined to rid the system of corruption and lacunae. The system we are brining will offer great relief to people who often faced lot of hardships in getting their properties registered,” he said.

The government has already introduced the new system of property registration in sub-registrar offices in Nangloi, Geeta Colony, Janakpuri, Libaspur, Majri and Bhalswa and by December, the facility will be made available in all the 13 sub-registrar offices.

“Once the online registration system is made available in all 13 sub-registrar offices, then people from any area of the city will be able to apply for registration of properties in any of the sub-registrar offices,” said Lovely.

He said the system will help the government plug revenue leakages as proper audit trail and cross verification of transaction would be ensured.

“We are aiming at totally transforming the existing system into a seamless system where people will be able to get their property registerd in a very nice environment,” said Lovely.

The government has already significantly improved infrastructure in six sub-registrar offices and gave them a very swanky look.

As part of reform initiative, the government last year had launched electronic-stamping facility to completely do away with stamp paper of all denominations.

Job Opportunities across India Are On a Rise: Report


As per findings of Monster Employment Index India, which is a broad and comprehensive monthly analysis of online job demand in India, job opportunities across pan India are on a rise and major sectors such as BPO/ITES, Engineering & Construction, Education Healthcare, and Real Estate are showing a positive growth.

Here is a brief overview of the findings by the Monster Employment Index India, which is based on a real-time review of millions of employer job opportunities culled from a large representative selection of career websites and online job listings across India.

Occupation Year-Over-Year Trends:

Online demand improved in nine of 13 occupational groups monitored by the Monster Employment Index between April’12 and April’13.

Customer Service (up by 37 percent) followed by Arts (up 19 percent) and healthcare (up 18 percent) chartered the most substantial annual gains amongst the occupational group. While Senior Management (down by 46 percent) exhibited the steepest annual decline among occupation.

jobs-in-indiaIndustry Year-Over-Year Trends:

22 of the 27 industry sectors monitored by the Monster Employment Index registered expansion in online recruitment activity between April’12and April’13.

Agro based industries sector and Printing/ Packaging sector exhibited the highest annual growth among sectors. They were up by 45 percent and 41 percent respectively. While, Advertising, Market Research and Public Relations (PR) sector (up by 38 percent), showed positive growth in online recruitment activity between April’2012 and April’2013.

Production & Manufacturing and Oil/Gas/Petroleum/Power showed the steepest annual decline, as they were down by 11 percent.

Geographic year-over-year Trends:

Online recruitment activity was up for the year in all the 13 locations monitored by the index.

Jaipur witnessed the highest annual growth followed by Chandigarh. They were up by 34 percent and 25 percent respectively. Among major metro-areas, Kolkata (up by 14 percent) registered the highest annual growth.


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